About Me


I’m Madi. I bake, cook, and write for this yummy blog! I was born, raised, and reside in the South and I’m staying put. I didn’t grow up around homemade anything. My mom and grandmothers were more semi-homemade so I had to figure out how to cook and bake all by myself! My daily entertainment was watching cooking shows and reading recipes. You can laugh because that’s just ridiculous.

Now I’m here sharing recipes inspired by Southern food and different cuisines I love to eat. My goal is to communicate my best tips and techniques so you can get in the kitchen and cook GOOD food. There’s so many BAD tips and techniques in the cooking/baking community. That’s why I’m here to give you GOOD tips and techniques in the kitchen. Recipes are great but you’ll become skilled with techniques you can apply across a wide range of foods. 

Just stay awhile and you’ll be a better cook in no time! 

Y’all feel free to contact me at madi@cookingsupper.com.