Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and you don’t want to end up like me; buying gifts at the last minute or forgetting altogether!

Lucky for you, I’ve cherry-picked some amazing gifts to make shopping easy this year. Instead of searching all over God’s green earth to find the perfect gift, just shop from your couch and call it a day!

I’ve also included some gifts that don’t cost you a dime because hand-made gifts and/or quality time mean a lot to moms, too.

I’ve included kitchen and non-kitchen gifts, inexpensive and pricier gifts. I wanted to give y’all a wide range of ideas and prices for all different types of moms out there.

Have fun shopping for mom!

Disclosure: As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a small commission when you make a purchase after clicking my affiliate links, at no extra cost to you.

Gifts Under $20

French Broad Chocolates

You’ll make momma die and go to heaven with these bean-to-bar chocolates from Asheville, NC. You can spend as much or as little on her as you like. There are plenty of chocolates under the $20 range that will be sure to please, including bonbons, caramels, chocolate covered hazelnuts, chocolate bars, and more. One of the best parts of ordering French Broad Chocolates online is their $6 flat rate shipping…hooray! You can order their chocolates here.

Big Spoon Roasters Nut Butter

For a mom who loves a good nut butter, this gift has her name written all over it. These delicious nut butters are made in Durham, North Carolina. Big Spoon won a Southern Living Food Award in 2017 for their Hot Peanut butter. Yum! They have a wide variety of fun flavors to choose from, many under $20. You can shop their selection here.

Clean Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Home Book

I follow Becky Rapinchuk (aka “Clean Mama”) on Instagram. This is her brand new book she came out with a few months ago. She gives step-by-step instructions on how to have a cleaner, safer home using all-natural products. Not only does she give recipes for homemade cleaning products, but she also teaches methods for organizing and having an effective and fast cleaning routine. Becky is super down-to-earth and so fun to learn from. You can shop her new book here.

Icing On The Cake Cookbook

This has been on my wish list ever since I saw Instagram nearly break with all the beautiful cakes from this book. People couldn’t get their hands on her second cookbook fast enough and for good reason. Tessa Huff wears a lot of hats. She used to own a custom cake boutique but is now a regular contributor for The Kitchn as well as other large food publications. Her work is beautiful and I’ve heard it tastes amazing too. I’m hoping I can get this book for Mother’s Day! Hint, hint to anyone in my family reading this article. You can snag this cookbook here.

Gifts Under $40

Recipe Box from Rifle Paper Co.

For someone who’s always in the kitchen, this is the perfect way to store their recipes in style! Compliments are sure to ensue when guests see this recipe box sitting out on the counter. This box can also be easily cleaned with a dish rag. Customers rave about how sturdy the box is. It even comes with a few recipe cards to get you started. To shop this recipe box click here.

Nordic Ware Bundt Pan

Bundt pans can have their own little personality. This beautiful Nordic Ware bundt pan has so much character and would make an attractive cake at any get-together. This gift would be perfect for a mom who’s always baking. It’s something beautiful and simple she can keep forever and pass down to the next generation. This pan holds up really well while still being lightweight from the cast aluminum material. What a fun gift to give! You can shop for this bundt pan here.

Stainless Steel French Press

If you know a mom who can’t live without her coffee, she will love this french press. Not only will it look super pretty on her kitchen counter, it’ll brew delicious, hot coffee minus the coffee grounds. It has a double wall screen system to keep out unwanted grounds, and it’s sturdy build means it will last through years of abuse. Click here to shop this french press. You can also check out my article on Best French Presses of 2019 here.

Kat Von D Ink Liner

I can attest to the Kat Von D Ink Liner craze. I’ve always used pencil eyeliner and with much heartache because the tip breaks and my eyelids always end up with smudges. This eyeliner is the opposite in that it stays on for the entire day without any smudging. And it’s super easy to apply so you can feel confident about creating the perfect line! Shop Kat Von D eyeliner here.

Pampered Chef Smooth Edge Can Opener

No more sharp edges, rusty metal, or gunky blades. This sounds ridiculous but I have to say it: this can opener revolutionized can opening for me. It cuts the middle of the top rim so there’s no sharp edges or a chance for it to fall in the can. The blade never touches the food, so no mess! And the handle is super easy to turn, even if you have weak wrists. There’s a small claw on the side that grabs the lid after cutting for easy removal. Mom will love how easy she can pop open that can of green beans. Shop Pampered Chef’s smooth edge can opener here.

Sonix iPhone Case

Customers rave about the protection this case gives while still being slim and pretty. It provides added protection with a raised shock-absorbent bumper to prevent screen damage. These cases are triple UV coated, which means no pretty designs getting scratched off. The side buttons are also super easy to press through the case. Click here to shop for this iPhone case.

ZAQ Allay Essential Oil Diffuser

I’ve personally owned this diffuser for almost 3 years now and have no complaints! The internal reservoir can get discolored over time based on what oils you’re using. But this doesn’t affect the diffuser’s performance whatsoever. I’ve loved how it perfumes the room with whatever essential oils I’m feeling that day. It can be used for health benefits or just to make your home smell fresh. Click here to shop this essential oil diffuser.

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

I did a ton of research 3 years ago when I bought my essential oil diffuser and came to the conclusion that Rocky Mountain Oils were a great middle-of-the-road brand. Their smells are pure and don’t contain any additives so you can feel safe using them. They’re not cheap but also not as expensive as some bigger brands. They smell heavenly! This sample kit is perfect if you want to give a little variety. These oils can also be mixed to create unique blends. Click here to shop these essential oils.

Gifts Under $100

Made In Frying Pan

If you haven’t heard about the new hot, affordable cookware brand click here to read my review. Made In is making big waves in the cookware industry for selling their premium cookware at a fraction of the cost of brands like All-Clad. They’re able to make super high-quality cookware and give it to you for less because they cut out the middle man. Direct-to-consumer products that perform just as well as big brands. I love their frying pan and the momma you’re thinking of will too. Shop Made In’s frying pans here.

Local Stature Custom Signs

Reagan and Christopher are a cute husband and wife team based out of South Carolina who make beautiful custom signs. They believe the places you’ve been are important and worth celebrating. Whether it’s where you grew up, graduated from, or got married, there’s a unique sign they can craft that tells that story. Don’t miss out! The deadline to order a sign to be shipped in time for Mother’s Day is Friday, April 26th. Shop Local Stature here.

Methodical Coffee Subscription

Make a coffee-lovin’ momma jump for joy with a 3-month coffee subscription. Methodical Coffee, based out of Greenville, SC, is one of my all-time favorite coffee roasters. And there are plenty who agree. They’ve received national attention from Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and Conde Nast Traveller to name a few. Not only will the coffee give mom all the feels, so will the pretty floral packaging. Order their coffee here.

Instant Pot

Without hesitation, I would recommend the Instant Pot. I’m so anti-gimmicky kitchen tools it’s not even funny. But for some reason, this kitchen craze lives up to all the hype. However, if someone thinks they’ll be able to cook everything in it, they’re wrong. The main things I use my Instant Pot for are to make homemade chicken stock, pulled pork, pot roast, etc. I definitely wouldn’t recommend making a cake in it like some people do. But if you want to cook a super tough piece of meat in a fraction of the time, this pot is magical. I use it quite often and I know your mom would to. If she’s been eyeing one, now’s the time. Click here to make her happy with an Instant Pot.

Monat Hair Care Products

Monat is a natural luxury hair care company who carries products for all different hair types. For the past two weeks, I’ve been using Monat’s volume system (shampoo, conditioner, root lifter) plus air dry cream, because Lord knows I don’t I have time for blow drying. I can truly say I love my results so far. Even though I have thick hair, it gets weighed down and flat. After using this volume system it’s given me more body and lift. I love it! You can purchase their luxury hair care products here.

If you’re interested in purchasing a VIP status for mom (free shipping, 15% off every order, and free products) you can click here. I’m not a Monat market partner, which means I don’t sell their products. However, I do get a referral discount if someone signs up as a VIP through my link. If you have questions email me at!

Gifts Under $150

Bradford Watermelon Brandy

A unique gift for the momma who enjoys a good cocktail every now and then. This brandy is special because it’s made with the sweet juice of the Bradford watermelon. This watermelon was known as the sweetest to ever grow and was thought to be extinct until recently. Nat Bradford’s family had saved the seeds from long ago and now this watermelon is getting reintroduced to watermelon lovers around the world. This bottle of Bradford Watermelon brandy is truly special! You can purchase this limited edition brandy here.

Global 8-inch Chef’s Knife

I wrote an article about the sharpest and best chef knives a while back and this knife made the cut (no pun intended!). This is a true chef’s knife used by big-time chef’s in the restaurant industry, including Anthony Bourdain, Sean Brock, and Ludo Lefebvre. My mom, who hesitates to spend this much money on a kitchen tool, just used hers for the first time. She fell in love with how lightweight and sharp it is. She’s obsessed with her Global knife and would recommend it to anyone. Shop this knife here.

Baratza Encore Burr Coffee Grinder

If the mom you have in mind wants to grind her own coffee beans, this burr grinder is the perfect gift. My mom got me this exact grinder last Christmas and I’m absolutely in love with it. I can rotate the grind setting to however course or fine I want. It’s perfect for beginners and will last a really long time. A big perk of owning a Baratza grinder is the phenomenal customer service. They want you to keep your grinder for forever so they’ll do whatever they can to help you fix it. Click here to order the Baratza Encore burr grinder.

Gifts under $200

“Heather” Cast Iron Skillet from Butter Pat Industries

I was lucky enough to snag one of these beautiful skillets at Butter Pat’s annual factory sale recently. A gift a mother can pass down for generations is a gift she’ll always remember. These skillets are truly special. Cooking in this skillet is a dream and as far as cleaning goes, they’re the easiest pans I’ve ever cleaned. I love how smooth the surface feels right after it’s cleaned. Might sound crazy but it really feels like butter! Shop their Heather skillet here.

Kate Spade Wallet

Her wallet is probably in shreds. Get her a clean, new wallet in the cutest color to last all year long. This leather Kate Spade wallet gets rave reviews by customers on Amazon. It holds tons of things and lasts a really long time without looking worn. She’ll love a good wallet upgrade! Click here to purchase this wallet.

Beachbody At-Home Workouts

Beachbody is a great option for people who don’t want to join a gym. The program allows you to work out from home, on vacation, anywhere. If you know a momma who’s been talking about getting in shape but just can’t make the first step, this would be a great gift to encourage them. You don’t need to sign up under a coach or purchase the supplements they offer. However, if you want accountability and support, you can sign up under my Beachbody coach, Kelly Bray. She’s a ball of fun, energy, and encouragement! If you want more info you can visit the Beachbody website here or contact my coach, Kelly, one of three ways:

Gifts That Don’t Cost a Thing (almost)

Sometimes it’s best to just do something special for mom instead of spending money on her. If you’re of this mindset, here’s a lovely little list to spark your imagination. I hope you can find something she’ll love!

I’m a mother so Mother’s Day involves myself as well as my mom and many other moms in my family. I tried to include ways for all moms to celebrate in this list. Enjoy!

If you’re a mom who wants to celebrate with your kids:

Go see a movie. Or at least buy tickets for a later movie. The live-action Aladdin movie comes out May 24th, just a few weeks after Mother’s Day!

Go to a library event. Where we live now our library is having a “Mommy & Me” painting session. My daughter and I get to take a painting class together. How cute is that?!

Bake cookies together. These meringue cookies by Kate from the Wood & Spoon blog are super easy and delicious. You can get the recipe here.

Go on a family hike. Our family lives near so many trails and waterfalls. If you do a quick search near your house, I’m sure you’ll find something within an hour’s drive. Getting outside and away from technology is so good for the soul!

If you want to do something for a mom or grandmother:

Spend quality time with her. If quality time is her love language, all you gotta do is show up!

Make her a homemade card. Have your kids make a special Mother’s Day card for their mom or grandmother. I have a 5-year-old daughter who loves making cards for any occasion. Kids always know how to write the sweetest cards from the heart!

Take her out to eat. I’m sure she loves food. Just try to make reservations because it gets cray cray on Mother’s Day.

Cook her a meal. Let her take it easy while you whip up something delicious. Like this easy penne alla vodka dish!

Bake her a cake. Specifically this carrot cake from yours truly.

Buy her flowers. The farmer’s market in Charlotte, NC had SO many flower vendors which made it super easy. But you can usually get a nice bouquet from a local grocery store.

Buy her a cooking class. This one’s really fun if you live near a kitchen that does this. I know Sur la Table and Williams Sonoma offers cooking classes in store. Fortunately where we live there’s a cool grocery/cafe called Swamp Rabbit that offers lots of cooking classes on the regular. If you live near Greenville, SC you can purchase one of their cooking classes by clicking here.

Madi Butler

Madi Butler

Madi Butler is a wife, mother, and chocolate maker who loves to cook and bake from scratch. She uses her self-taught cooking skills and kitchen tools to whip up delicious meals for her family!

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