Recipe Roundup: 10 Easy Easter Recipes!

I’m sure we’re all getting our plans squared away for Easter so I thought I’d give y’all some recipe inspiration! Here’s a roundup of some amazing recipes that should show up at your Easter party this year!

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1. Fresh Strawberry Pound Cake By Grandbaby Cakes

fresh strawberry pound cake

This beautiful pound cake is made with real strawberries, y’all! The cake is moist, fresh, and fruity. It’s topped with a sweet strawberry glaze mixed with a touch of lemon juice for balance. Jocelyn is a sweetheart from the South creating recipes inspired by her grandmother. Her website is called Grandbaby Cakes (the cutest name ever!). Her blog posts are fun to read, especially when she shares about her family’s traditions! She also has a cookbook that looks diviiiine. You can visit her website here.

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2. Coconut Macaroons by Cooking Supper

Of course there has to be a coconut recipe for Easter! These coconut macaroons are so delicious by themselves, dipped in chocolate, or drizzled with caramel. If you’re really feeling the Easter spirit, you could always make little bird nests. After you portion into balls on a baking sheet, gently shape coconut mixture into nests. Once they’re baked and cooled, you can leave them plain or dip in chocolate. And then put tiny Easter egg candies in the holes! Isn’t that precious? Go check out the recipe here.

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3. Easter Meringue Cookies By Wood and Spoon

I’m not kidding when I tell you I ate an entire sheet pan of these meringue cookies in one day. They remind me of marshmallows but they’re crispy! These meringues are super easy to whip up and should be made with kids if they’re around! Kate is a Southern momma who lives in the South (whoop whoop) and creates drop-dead gorgeous desserts. So far I’ve made two recipes and I’m a true believer in her magic. You can check out her beautiful blog here.

4. Coca-Cola Jello Fruit Salad by The Cooking Bride

There’s one fruit I never touched as a kid and that was cherries. Now that I’m adulting I’m totally in love with this fruit! And these Coca-Cola cherry fruit salads. They’re sweet, tart, and super easy. Who doesn’t jump at the chance to dump a soft drink in their dessert? Lisa is a Southern blogger who whips up Southern food that takes me back to my childhood! I’m dying to try her Moon Pie recipe. You can visit her website here.

5. Moist Carrot Cake by Cooking Supper

Okay, I’m obsessed with this carrot cake. It’s my husband’s favorite cake and that says something because he’s picky. It tastes perfect with the combination of carrots, pecans, spices, and the bangin’ cream cheese frosting. You can make this for Easter and it’ll still be moist a week later, if it lasts that long at your house! The oil used in this cake is the secret to keeping it light and moist for days. Go check out this amazing recipe here.

6. Copycat Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs by A Clean Bake

I’m a sucker for a copycat candy recipe. Reese’s peanut butter chocolate eggs are a childhood favorite of mine and I’m thrilled there’s a healthier copycat recipe (which means I can eat more of them, right?). If you know me, you know I eat anything and everything and luckily have no dietary restrictions. However, if you do have restrictions, this recipe can be adapted to be nut-free or paleo (in recipe notes). Nora has an inspiring website where she shares her journey through food and how she adapts recipes to fit her dietary needs. I love reading her blog and I’ve learned a lot from her as a fellow blogger! You can check out her website here.

7. Chocolate Marbled Italian Easter Bread by Joy The Baker

How sweet would it be to serve these at your Easter brunch? This twisty bread looks complicated but it’s really not. Just a little braiding and you’ve got yourself a nest to plop in a pretty egg. The bread is brioche-like with chocolate chips sprinkled throughout. Joy is one of my favorite personalities to follow. She is a baker, cookbook author, and photographer. Joy also hosts The Bakehouse in New Orleans, a workshop where she shares her baking space with strangers who want have fun in the kitchen! You can find out more about Joy here.

8. Spring Asparagus Tart by Frosting and Fettuccine

Here’s something savory to add to your Easter menu! It’s a beautiful, Spring asparagus tart made with simple ingredients like store-bought puff pastry. I can get on board with that. It’s super easy and tastes delicious. And you can wow your guests with your presentation skills! Sam is a fun-loving food blogger and photographer. She was recently featured in the Sunday brunch issue of Taste of Home Magazine! You can check out her cute website here.

9. Fluffy Mashed Potatoes By Cooking Supper

Mashed potatoes have to be light and fluffy and these do not disappoint! If you’ve ever dreamed of having super airy, buttery mashed potatoes these are for you. The secret is to use a food mill. These mashed potatoes are perfect for an Easter brunch where you don’t want super heavy side dishes. Try my recipe for fluffy mashed potatoes here!

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10. Sweet Miso Mustard Glazed Ham by Cooking Supper

The main event at an Easter table! This ham is so easy to prepare since all you’re doing is adding a glaze. Get a nice, cooked spiral ham at your local grocery store and jazz it up with a sweet and sticky glaze. The miso and mustard balances out all the sweet! Check out my easy ham recipe here.

Thanks to the amazing bloggers who allowed me to use their recipes for this roundup post!

If you’re still planning your Easter menu you should definitely consider making a few of these recipes! I’ve added all the recipe links below.


Grandbaby Cakes’ Fresh Strawberry Cake

Coconut Macaroons by Cooking Supper

Wood and Spoon’s Easter Meringue Cookies

Coca-Cola Jello Fruit Salad by The Cooking Bride

Moist Carrot Cake by Cooking Supper

Copycat Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs by A Clean Bake

Chocolate Marbled Italian Easter Bread by Joy The Baker

Spring Asparagus Tart by Frosting and Fettuccine

Fluffy Mashed Potatoes by Cooking Supper

Sweet Miso Mustard Glazed Ham by Cooking Supper


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